Terms and conditions

Please read these terms and condition carefully. If you have any question just contact with us.
In this document we call us “Aurora Tour” and call You as “Client”.




  1. If Client wants to booking one of the trip, he has to follow the steps on Aurora Tour website.
  2. Client warrant that all information which wrote in the booking are true and accurate.
  3. Payment is necessary to validation booking.
  4. Client can booking online STANDARD and VIP tours online.
  5. Trips: Sightseeing Tromso, Dog sleds, Cross country skiing are not available to booking online by website. If Client is interested in one of this type of trip just send message to use, if it will be possible to organize this trip for Client, we will send offer to Client.
  6. Reservation can be making by 18 years old people or older.
  7. People over 60 years old who want to join to trip with us are obliged to inform us about their age. We have to give a consent to the participation of such a person. people over 60 years old which taking part in a trip without our consent do this on them own responsibility.
  8. Children under 18 years old can join to trip only under parents protection. Parents are fully responsible for their children.
  9. After booking the trip Client have to follow the informations sending by Aurora Tour. Particular Client have to be ready at the meeting time and place.



  1. Cancel booking is free of charge if Client cancel up to 7 days before the trip. Client can receive 50% refund if Client cancel 3 days before the trip. Cancelation after this time is no refund.
  2. Client which will be not ready at the meeting time and place or will be after meeting time or in different place, will be 100% charged. In case Aurora tour can sell this the trip for the other people.
  3. Cancellation of trips: Sightseeing Tromso, Dog sleds, Cross country skiing at any time will be not refunded.
  4. Aurora Tour can change time or cancel the trip if conditions are not good enough to organize the trip. In case Client will receive proposition to change day of the trip or receive 100% refund.
  5. The trip will cancel if in the trip day will be no more than 2 Clients. In these case Clients will be inform with proposition to change day of the trip or receive 100% refund.
  6. Any refund will be making by Aurora Tour during 7 business days.



  1. Client is taking full responsibility for his healthy during the trip.
  2. Client have to be in good healthy condition, which means that he is ready to spend some time in special weather conditions (particular frost, snow, wind).
  3. Client have to inform Aurora tour about any preexisting medical condition to better help Client in case of emergency. If Aurora decide before trip that Client is not ready for the trip can cancel this booking with 100% refund.



  1. Aurora tour is not responsible in case of force majeure (particular weather conditions like temperature, snow, wind, storm, delays during travelling, blocked roads,).
  2. Aurora tour is no responsibility for any accidents or damages (injures, deaths etc) if that damage was caused by no fault Aurora tour.
  3. Client is liable for costs incurred due to damage Aurora Tour or third party items.



  1. Aurora Tour can use the pictures taken during our trips for promotional purposes in print or online.
  2. The pictures taken during the trip are sending to Client. Client can use them to private use only.



Client under influence alcohol or drugs will be refused entry to the trip. In this case Client will be not permitted to refund.


Changes terms and conditions, website

  1. Aurora Tour can change these terms and conditions. Client will be informed about this change. If the Client does not agree to the new terms and conditions, he will be bound by terms and conditions in previous form.
  2. Aurora Tour may change website at any time.



Aurora tour follow legal basic during process of Clients data. Check more information.