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Experience the adventure

of life!

Standard trip
( max 6 people )

A journey to the kingdom of polar auroras is always a truly exceptional experience. Put your trust in us and check our offer. We are going to make sure you arrive on the spot safely and we will make sure you have everything you need. We want you to discover the true beauty of nature and to experience unforgettable moments.

The package includes: transport, a guide, a bonfire, marshmallows, photography, soups, snacks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate water, thermal overalls, high-visibility jackets and camera tripods.

Price: 1300.00 NOK per adult
900.00 NOK per child

VIP trip for photographers
( max 5 people )

Focus on fulfilling your passion thanks to our solutions you can trust. What we offer?

  • Careful selection of places offering top views
  • Unlimited time to get the photos you want
  • Hot drinks
  • Battery back-up power source
  • International company
  • Sharing your experience
  • Thermal overalls and umbrellas
  • Trip lasting up to 10 hours with the option of extending this time
Price: 1800.00 NOK per adult
1200.00 NOK per child

See the magic

of the northern lights

VIP trip for 4 people

The sight of an aurora in the sky is a stunningly unforgettable experience. Do you wish to see your dreams come true? Perhaps you would like to spend these special moments in the company of your dearest, the family or friends. Please join us on a special trip for four persons – let this be a very special gift for yourself and the people you consider special!

What we provide?

  • Comprehensive care and protection
  • Acess to the best locations
  • Unlimited time
  • Hot drinks
Price: 6500.00 NOK a trip (no matter the number of people)