Discover and capture
the beauty of aurora polar lights
in Tromso (Norway)

Excursions to visit the kingdom of polar lights in Tromso (Norway)

Do you know the places that never cease to astonish, and whenever they are captured on an image, they inevitably become a piece of history?
With us you get the unique opportunity to visit one such place. Make most of the scenery

Look from a different perspective
Find inspiration to get THAT shot

Create something truly exceptional and unique

Take as much time as you want to get the photos you want

small groups

sharing your experiences

time until the crack od dawn

option to extend your trip

share your passion with others


unusual places

reflections off the water

220V backup power sources

USB in car

medical care

We have got that something the others do not have.
You too can find originality

Find out for yourself!

Unlimited time

Small groups

You are keen to get great shots but need time? We understand that perfectly. That is why during our expeditions you get as much time as you need or want. Are you planning to take myriads of shots to be able to select the best one? We will make it easier for you – not only are we good at creating a great climate, but we will ensure you get as much time as you need to get your job done. We certainly do not like to work under pressure ourselves ¬– peace and quiet and beauty is what you certainly need and this is what you will find.

One thing that is pretty obvious – large crowds gathered to admire the polar lights will hardly help in getting great shots. We want to help you to be able to capture this great scenery in silence. We ensure you will be working in a small group because this is what you need to focus on nature. Do you agree? Do not hesitate and join us now! Remember that the number of places in any group is strictly limited – this is for your own good. Decide today and start on your once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

You are on a lookout for a truly exceptional landscape? You want to see scenery that will take your breath away? You dream of taking that unique shot? We will take you to locations that you are certain to remember for a long time to come. What is more, you will be able to capture those places through photography. This is a truly unique opportunity to go on a trip with professionals who know the area well. We are going to take care of everything to make sure that you are free to focus on what you love most – photography.

You need efficient equipment to get the job done? We do have the proper gear and we will place it at your disposal. 220 V back-up power sources may come in handy when your equipment stops operating due to flat batteries. We also provide USB socket in a car to allow you to see the effects of your work on a large computer screen. We want you to have everything at hand, and that is why we offer you state-of-the-art technology. Check us out!

Unusual places

Modern technology