About us

We believe in the beauty of nature and in the sheer power of what you see!

How was the idea inspired?

Let us take you to a spectacle full of magic

You can never plan the most beautiful moments in life
They will just happen

Phil Bosmans

How did it all begin? It started with a spontaneous decision to make a journey North. We heard a lot about the beauty of Norwegian fiords and breathtaking aurora lights. This natural spectacle of lights seemed fantastic and incredible enough when seen on films or photographs – but being empiricists by nature, we needed to see that with our own eyes. What we did see during our excursion was something we did not envisage in our wildest expectations. Never before has the sky been as beautiful as during this amazing aurora show.

What happens now? We are going to help you fulfil your dream about seeing this incredible light display. Visit with us the kingdom of polar auroras, and you will see for yourself how beautiful the world can be, especially at night!

What for? We made our first trip spontaneously and without too many preparations. Now, having successfully completed many trips and after many years of gaining experience, we know we have made a lot of mistakes. We want to make sure you are spared the trouble resulting from such mistakes. Focus on enjoying the stunning scenery, and let us take care about everything else.