What to wear during Aurora Hunting?

There is no bad weather, just bad clothes, so to be as comfortable as possible, you should be prepared correctly for night excursion, when sometimes is around -10 or -15 degrees.

But what does mean right clothes? Do you remember this funny, green like Aurora, ogre called Shrek? He said, ogres are like an onion – onion has a layers and ogres have layers. So conclusion is very simple, during aurora hunting we have to be like an ogres! No, no… we don’t have to be green like a camuflage, we just need proper layers:

First layer:

Layer next to your skin, so we recommend you 100% wool (merino is quiet the best) or other natural clothing. It should be long-sleeved and long-legged underwear and some socks.

Second layer:

Second pair of socks, this time wollen is the best choice, then also jumper and trousers (both 100% cotton)

Third layer:

Windproof (also waterproof if possible) trousers, windproof jumper and scarf or other accessories on your neck.

Fourth layer:

Quiet warm hat, the best also is windproof, because it’s the most important thing to keep our head warm, some winter jacket, comfortable gloves and shoes… Shoes are completely different topic. Please do no go in high-heels, it’s not a catwalk, also some sneackers are not the best idea. Shoes should be waterproof wit non-slip soles and warm enough to stay comfortable in the snow a few hours.

Anyway, Aurora Tour provides also thermic suits, in case you won’t have proper clothes, but we cannot provide shoes (not so hygienic), so most of all, just prepare comfortable shoes.

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