Nature has its persistent cycle

Nature has its persistent cycle. It’s thanks to him that we can admire the northern lights over Tromso for several months each year.  However, the moment comes when the aurora disappears, and you cannot see it until September. It doesn’t mean that it does not exist, it simply is not visible against the background of too bright sky. The last season of 2017/18 allowed us for several dozen hours of trips, during which we admired unusual colours, shapes and the whole phenomenon which is Aurora Borealis. In the last days of September, the moment comes when we can watch the unusual light of atmospheric gases again – aurora borealis. Than we can start a new adventure.We are known of searching the most attractive and magic places to observe lights near Tromso, so you don’t need any maps or apps. We are also prepared to make professional photos. The only thing you have to remember by going on these trips is to be the prepare of warm clothes, following our post about appropriate clothes. Now we start to prepare for aurora hunting season 2019 / 2020, we just need some rest, but you can already make reservation to be sure in joining one of our aurora tours!

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