Actually, what is this “aurora hunting”?

Aurora Hunting is probably the only one hunt in the world, approved by Green Peace, just because no animal is killed during this hunting… 

Just you can be killed by cold… Ok, I’m just kidding! Aurora Tour is doing their best to keep you warm and comfortable, even in freezing cold temperatures. We are providing termic clothes, making bonfire and always we have some hot drinks!

But why hunting? Just because our guides are like professional hunters, tracking good, cloudless weather around Tromso, which sometimes is not that easy, especially when is snowing in the city center, but trust them! They know, where is cloudless sky. Guides will bring you to our secretly, hidden spots where is dark enough to see northern lights on the sky. Then like a professional hunter, you have to be patient, Aurora is like a wild animal, like a reindeer or moose, sometimes we just need to sit by the fire and wait… This is nature, we can’t predict it. One day, we have to wait 15 minutes, another time we have to wait an hour or more to see anything on the sky. That’s why we are like a hunters, just patiently wait what will happen.

Still you don’t understand why hunting? Easy, because finally you have to shoot! Shoot a great photos by your camera or if you don’t have, don’t worry, our guides are experienced photo shooters. When northern lights will appear, we will be ready to shoot them for you!